Case Studies

Customer: VEEPEE International

Customer Overview: VEEPEE International started its business operations with manufacturing of Wedding & Business cards. The company was formed by Mr. Ved Prakash Gupta in 1971. Later in 1978, his son Mr. Desh Badhu Gupta started trading in readymade garments from GandhiNagar. As the years progressed, the company was quick to adapt to the changing market landscape and requirements and maintain a sync with upcoming trends.  This was possible mainly due to the Company’s Vision of “Go Ahead And Get It” and the hard work of Mr. Desh Bandhu Gupta who is also the MD of the company. He brought Bar Coding and Computerized billing to Gandhi Nagar. The company has expanded its operations all over the country through its 17 branches in various cities. VEEPEE International is now regarded as a market leader in the readymade garment segment. Today VEEPEE have successfully ventured into multiple businesses.

Key Issues: During 1998-99, the business started to grow and so did the demand for the software functionalities that they needed in order to manage their whole accounting setup. The software being used at that time could not scale up to the high requirement influx in terms of number of accounts that needed to be handled. To match their requirement and ensure a smooth running of their business, the company started to use a customized software solution. However, within few months of its installation, the same issue revisited the group with a much larger impact. It was not able to fulfil their business requirements of inventory management like Consignment Sales, Barcode Number, printing of barcode labels, generation of PO from Sales order, and many MIS reports amongst others. The data started to become voluminous and to handle this they switched to an ERP solution. The data size problem was solved but other key accounting and inventory requirements were not.

They were in an expansion mode with set ups at branches in various cities. To manage this they needed a software solution that could integrate the data at all branches with a central database and also ensuring autonomous and interference free operations at branches.

Moreover as time passed, the customized requirements also came to the fore. They needed targeted solutions for specific issues that needed to be dealt on a daily basis.

  • Scalability
  • Inventory Management
  • Head Office Branch Office Management
  • Multiple MIS Reports

Solution: BUSY was introduced to the group by VEEPEE Group’s tax consultant. At the start a very basic package of BUSY was installed in the office.  BUSY was able to address all the initial requirements of their business proving to be a cost effective and a time saving solution. After few days of installation team BUSY launched the SQL based version of BUSY that could address their problem of data size and its handling.  Data integrity was much stronger in this version.

The Multi –Branch management module of BUSY 3.9 could connect every branch to a centralized database in online mode with a provision of defining access rights to users at various branches. This ensured the autonomous working at branches along with them being able to access only the information which was enabled for them at the head office.

BUSY’s extensive MIS reports and analysis tool also catered to their requirements. Various reports like Stock ageing, interest calculation, pending orders- Vendor wise etc. could now be generated to suit the Company’s needs.

Now as the business expansion happened, the software also evolved in a parallel fashion. BUSY introduced its solution Partner and an expert in software customization field, Mr.. Anil Yadav of Excellent Softwares,to the VEEPEE Group.  His company was able to provide various customized utilities like Auto posting of orders, Auto posting of dispatch details, Auto Calculation of discount with due days to perform dedicated and specific functions.

Today BUSY is an integral part of the company setup, managing all of its accounting and inventory requirements. Till date the software is being customized by BUSY’s valued solution partner, Excellent Softwares to cater to their growing and ever changing needs.


  • Improved Productivity
  • Reduced overheads and inventory costs
  • Quick Processing of orders